Belrose Classics

Premium Coachbuilders

Belrose Classics is a Belgian coach building company inspired by pre & post war legendary icons of car design.

As our main offering, Belrose Classics focusses on the following two activities:

The Specials: (Re)creation and evocation of historic models through a combination of modern materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship to bring back the pure form of driving that pre-war cars represent, but with an elevated level of comfort.

“Nuts & bold” restoration of classic sports cars like MB Pagoda, Ponton, 190 SL, 300 SL, Jaguar E-Type, XK 120, Porsche 911, on special demand Ferrari, Facel Vega, Bizzarine, Maserati, and many more.

Fleet TV - Bentley Special Justine Peking to Paris

Philippe Quatennens of Effective Media & Fleet TV recently reviewed our Belrose Bentley Special during one of their unique events. Have a look at their view on our Justine Peking to Paris Edition. Thank you for having us at The Fastest Lunch on Earth!

Bentley Boys Tour

We had an unforgettable rally at our 2023 Bentley Boys Tour. With 30 Bentleys we hosted a 5-day event with lots of rallying, gastronomic delights and memorable times together with all Belrose Bentley Boys & Girls. We have been setting foot in the land of the Bentleys for a trip through England’s finest roads with scenic views and we’re ending our trip at the legendary Goodwood Revival.


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The art of coachbuilding

At Belrose Classics, we’re proud to continue with the forgotten craft of coachbuilding. We’re building and restoring cars just like in the good old days, with the knowledge and technology of today. Our highly skilled team makes sure that our Bentley Specials and Signature models are reliable, stunning and magical. Discover our pieces of craftsmanship in our showroom. 

Rallies & Events

We’re actively involved in many (inter)national events. Make sure to spot us at a rally or find us at a car show where we’re showcasing our pristine selection of timeless classic cars. 

Kempen  |  8 June 2024

Monaco  |  5-9 June 2024

La Butte aux Bois  |  23-25 August 2024

Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.

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