Bentley 6 1/2 Litre Special B-Racer

About this car

Stunning recreation and homage to the legendary 20’s and 30’s beautiful pre-war Bentley racers. All of us car-lovers dream to have the opportunity to experience such a magnificent car. 

The car has the same look and feel as an original one. This sensational recreation is built on the strengthened Bentley Mark VI chassis.  It’s hard to resist the sound of its powerful Bentley 8-inline engine, or should we say machine… The externally mounted exhaust pipe gives the car that perfect look and, driving it, is experiencing the brute power such as it was in the past….The car has that beautiful grey color over a brown leather featuring the perfect patina.


Year of Manufacturing
6.416cc inline 8
Car Type
Fuel Type
Yukon GREY

Driving sensation


Easy to handle and maintain with its Bentley MKVI manual 4 – gearbox, mechanical servo and front and rear drum brakes. Ready for daily or semi-daily use and partaking in your preferred rallies.

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