Alpine A 106 Mille Miles

About this car

With the launch of the Alpine A106 in 1955 the emphasis was put on chalking up successes in competition, not to sell the car to a large public. 

From 1955 the little A106 started to accumulate a succession of victories, and various performance enhancing options were offered such as “Mille Miles (Mille Miglia) suspension” following A106 participation in the eponymous race. The Mille Miles specifications involve using four shock absorbers at the back, and was the suspension system later used for the Renault 8 Gordini. 


Year of Manufacturing
4.701 km
Fuel Type
Mille Miglia
Eligible & registro
on request

Mille Miglia winner

Also offered was a five-speed manual gear box manufactured under license: a five-speed gear box in a road car of this class was almost unheard. In 1956 Jean Claude Galtier and Maurice Michy achieved a podium place and class victory for the A106 in the Mille Miglia race.

The car we offer for sale is one of the very rare samples still available in pristine condition. 

Registro & Eligible

This jewel was subject of a thorough Dutch restoration which is entirely documented and illustrated with pictures. The restoration was done respecting the matching colors configuration and to the highest standards The car had 4 previous owners, who’s names, except from the first one are known.

The car drove the Mille Miglia rally in 2020, is registered in the “Registro 1000 Miglia” and of course is elligible for the 2024 Mille Miglia rally.

Many doors will open if you arrive behind the wheel of this cute French iconic sportscar! 

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