About us

Get to know the team and story that drive Belrose Classics in all of its activities.

Our team

Diverse in expertise, united in passion

Franz Lamot

Takes care of the sales and the soul of Belrose classics through his extensive experience in the automotive industry.

Patrick Syen

Sustains the entrepreneurial side of Belrose Classics through a proven track record in healthcare and real estate development.

Michele Delcorte

Manages and coordinates the day-to-day operations at the Belrose Classics showroom.

Kathleen Vanparijs

Keeps the business afloat and healthy through her financial assistance.

The story behind Belrose Classics - Made by Leadz

Our aim was to develop a classic car that allows our drivers to have a gin tonic in their hands at the end of a rally instead of a wrench

Patrick Syen

Our five company pillars

The highest quality

Quality above quantity: our (re)creations are always very limited series, the number depending on the complexity of the project and the prototyping and building cost.

Service First

Belrose Classics not only builds and sells their classic cars but also services the customers in maintenance of the cars, classic rally preparation & service, transport etc.


The Best Partners

To realise our projects we collaborate with specialised partners coming from England, Germany, Italy, Poland etc. Only with the best partners we can go straight, fast, safe and far.

The Best Customers

Belrose Classics is proud to have such a unique client base consisting of people who share our passion, car collectors and classic rally drivers coming from all over the world.

An engaged community

We try to share and cultivate the passion, knowledge and fun between our customers on events by driving and (co-)organising rallies all around the world.


Belrose Classics likes to not only focus on the fun but also on the necessary. We believe giving back should be a part of all professional engagements. Belrose Classics donates a part of its profits from the rallies to For a better life (FABL), an organisation that focuses on the welfare of children in and outside of the country.

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