We (coach)build your dream

Bentley Specials by Belrose Classics

The Specials: (Re)creation and evocation of historic models through a combination of modern materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship to bring back the pure form of driving that pre-war cars represent, but with an elevated level of comfort and reliability.

At Belrose Classics, we build tailormade Bentley Specials. Discover all options and enjoy the pre-war driving sensation with  modern-day reliability and driveability. We brought the forgotten art of Coachbuilding into the 21st century. Discover the golden combination between real craftsmanship from the good old days and modern day technology.

Pick your model

Currently we have 3 models available. Discover our Bentley Special Justine, Bentley Special Speed 6 Blower, Bentley Special B-Racer. Both the Justine as our Speed 6 Blower have a “Peking to Paris” Tribute model with many upgrades to survive in the toughest rally in the world. For our B-Racer, there is a model with and without Aero Package. 

Bentley Special Justine

Bentley Special Speed 6 Blower

Bentley Special B-Racer

Bentley Special Justine

“Peking to Paris”

Bentley Special Speed 6 Blower

“Peking to Paris”

Bentley Special B-Racer

with Aero Package

Pick your colour

All types of body colours and finishes are available on the Bentley Specials. Visit our showroom and discover all personal touches that can be given to a Belrose Classics Special. 

Pick your interior finish

Our Bentley Specials are 100% tailormade. From upholstery to dashboard finishes, badges, racing numbers and even hand painted details, we build the car of your dreams. With our expertise and wide range of sample fabrics, colours and details we’ll give you a complete overview. Our engineers can make a 3D model of the car you’ve always dreamed about to show the impact of all personal touches in a lifelike sketch.

Pick your options

From a Birkin Blower to many other upgrades like a hidden Cigar Humidor a Champagne cooler or a spare toolbox. Want to add a vintage tripmaster, an additional fuel tank, an original set of Bentley Racing Chronographs or a stamped logo in the leatherwork? Any period-correct detail is possible! 

Enjoy your Bentley Special

Our Bentley Specials are made to enjoy. Experience that unique pre-war driving sensation with modern day reliability. As soon as you get behind the wheel of one of these timeless classics, you will feel like one of the original Bentley Boys. Welcome to our warm community of Belrose Bentley Boys! 

Our five company pillars

The highest quality

Quality above quantity: our (re)creations are always very limited series, the number depending on the complexity of the project and the prototyping and building cost.

Service First

Belrose Classics not only builds and sells their classic cars but also services the customers in maintenance of the cars, classic rally preparation & service, transport etc.


The Best Partners

To realise our projects we collaborate with specialised partners coming from England, Germany, Italy, Poland etc. Only with the best partners we can go straight, fast, safe and far.

The Best Customers

Belrose Classics is proud to have such a unique client base consisting of people who share our passion, car collectors and classic rally drivers coming from all over the world.

An engaged community

We try to share and cultivate the passion, knowledge and fun between our customers on events by driving and (co-)organising rallies all around the world.