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We’d love to share our expertise on the legislation and maintenance work that comes with owning a vintage car.
🇪🇺 What is the status of the access regulations for European cities during corona?

The rules and guidelines of each country are changing on a daily basis. Below you can find a link that describes the current situation best, but be mindful this might be temporary.

Can I drive my classic car during corona?

During states of lockdown, people are not prohibited to drive their classic cars but everyone is advised to keep the commuting or travelling to a minimum to make space for the healthcare workers.

🇧🇪 Can I drive my classic car within the Belgian cities?

Historic vehicles are proven to emit more harmful substances. Given the environmental purpose, there is no reason for making an exception for classic cars. Vehicles that do not meet the general access requirement are not allowed to enter the low emission zone (LEZ), unless there are local access conditions that make this possible (e.g. access for a fee). The more harmful the substances are that a vehicle emits, the stricter the conditions will be (e.g. pay more to gain access).

An exception to this rule is made only for vehicles older than 40 years, because of their historical heritage value. For vehicles under the age of 40, the rule remains that local access conditions must be stricter for vehicles that are more polluting.

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