Alfa Romeo SZ

About this car

The Alfa Romeo SZ (Sprint Zagato) is a high-performance limited-production sports car built between 1989 and 1991 by a partnership between Centro Stile Zagato, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Centro Stile Fiat. It was unveiled as the ES-30 at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show as a prototype by Zagato, although the car was mainly built by them – not designed mechanically. The model was planned and designed over a very short period of 19 months, thanks to the use of a CAD/CAM system throughout the entire process. 


First Registration
1.300 (!)
3.0 V6 Busso
sprint zagato
Fuel Type
rosso alfa

Exclusive icon

Only 1036 SZs were produced (planned production was 1000, 100 were exported to Japan). “Il Mostro”, as it was nicknamed is one of the most exclusive Alfa Romeo’s from this era you will find.

Real passion

You love or you hate it. The design is neither moderne nor conservative, and none of its elements were taken from any other model.


The SZ was only available in red with a grey roof and tan leather interior. However one special vehicle was produced in black for Andrea Zagato.

Challenge targeted with this car was saving weight and replace all metal of the 75 body with plastic.



Made to drive

This thing drives like a dream ! It’s a kart on wheels powered by a V6 Busso engine and with a suspension borrowed from the Alfa 75 IMSA racer. 

This example shows ultra low milage, few owners and has had recently (summer 2022)  a complete service and check. Grab your chance to discover Nr. 574 in perfect condition.

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