Alvis 12/70 Special

About this car

Rarely seen quality for this magnificent example of a 12/70 Alvis Special. The car was manufactured in 1939 but first registered on 15th May 1940. The car features an eye-catching aluminium polished aluminium body. Powered by the tractable six cylinder Alvis ‘Silver Crest’ 2,7 liter engine which undergone the most complete and thorough overhaul process and fitted with the close couples Silver Crest synchromesh gearbox, the car is a real pleasure to drive and incredibly easy.


Year of Manufacturing
Car Type
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€ 195.000

The Mechanics

The final engines-up was assisted by a Technical Director for a Formula One team. The standard of workmanship is consistent throughout the whole vehicle starting with the strengthening of the original Alvis chassis. This seldom-seen competition Alvis is the result of over 3000 man hours of labour and a substantial financial investment.

Richly documented

The car is very richly documented, a photographic record of the restoration confirms the attention to detail resulting in a championship and class winning car, securing the ‘Ruth and Jim Hubert Memorial Trophy’ for Alvis Racing Drivers in 2009, with a record number of championship points and a record that still stands today. In 2010 the car beat 250 competitors at the Car Club Prescott Meeting being awarded “the Silver Con-Rod Trophy”.

Great driving 

The car has predominantly been used as a fabulous road car, the huge amount of torque at low revs and synchromesh gearbox lends itself to pleasurable driving off the track. Rare opportunity to purchase a real collector’s item…

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