Alvis 4,3L Tourer by Charlesworth

About this car

Very proud to present you this British luxury touring car built in 1937 by Alvis car and engineering Company. This model, together with the Speed 25 replaced the Alvis Speed 20 2.8-litre and 3½-litre and were widely considered one of the finest cars produced in the 1930s.

Alvis did not make any of the bodies for the Speed 25 and 4,3 Tourer. The cars were supplied in chassis form and firms such a Charlesworth built elegant, beautiful and successful car bodies… Look at these imposing front with very large headlamps, fog and pass lights and post horns.

The beauty of this model is also confirmed as it is the only car to win the prestigious Ladies Choice Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) Oxford Concourse prize two years in a row.

This sample was subject of a careful restoration and has been part of a impressive collection.


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
Four Seater Open Touring
4-Manual all synchronized
straight 6


Alvis did not make any of the bodies of the 4,3 Tourer. Coachbuilder Charlesworth built an elegant open touring car body.


The 4,387 cc straight 6 engine (137hp) propelled the passengers at high speed in exceptional luxury.


The car comes with a perfect restored leather trim in a timeless and “chic” colour combination.

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