Bentley S3

About this car

The Bentley S3 is a four-door luxury saloon car manufactured by Bentley Motors Ltd between 1962 and 1965.
The car is powered by a 6,2L (6230cc) V8 – engine, transmission is a – speed manual.
Typical characteristic of this elegant saloon is its four-headlamp layout.
Big difference with the S2 is the increased leg room in the rear and the individual seats for front passengers.
1286 Bentley S3 saloons were ever built.
The one we offer for sale is in very good general condition. Belgian car for many many years.
Engine is running very well, gearbox is working as it has to, all mechanics are in order.
The car has always been correctly serviced.
Body and interior are in good condition. The body needs some restoration works but the confort and elegance of the car are worth it !


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
4-door Saloon
Dark grey leather
Automatic 3-shifter
6,2L (6230cc) V8
€ 29.750


 The condition shows the authenticity of the car. It isn’t pristine, but has all the charms of a technical good driving classic car.


More than one will love for sure the perfect patina and smell of the original interior trim.


Mechanics of a Bentley S3 are not very complex, making it an easy car to drive, service and maintain.

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