Bentley Special Speed 6 Blower

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After winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1927 and 1928, the bar was raised at Bentley Motors. While the Brooklands plant worked on a Speed 6 with a more powerful 6 1/2 Litre motor, Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin – fastest of the Bentley Boys – added a revolutionary blower to the current 4 1/2 Litre engine. The “Bentley Blower” was born and today, almost 100 years later, we’re proudly introducing our new Bentley Special “Speed 6 Blower”. Read all about this recreation that combines driving pleasure and the pre-war sensation with comfort and reliability.


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At the base of this Speed 6 is the rarest and most valuable Bentley worldwide, the Bentley Speed 6 4 1/2 Litre Blower chassis UU 5872. In 1928 the Bentley Boys already required a legendary status. However, this wasn’t nearly enough for Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin. He made 4 – and 1 spare – Speed 6 race cars with the famous 4 1/2 Litre engine attached to a supercharger that was named “Blower”.

Chassis UU 5872 wasn’t only the fastest but also Tim’s favorite in which he participated in the 1930 Le Mans race. His participation in this car contributed to Bentley’s 5th and final win at this legendary endurance race.

This Speed 6 slingshots you back to 1929 with all the period-correct details. Our Bentley Specials are exclusive models in memory of Bentley Motor’s rich history. The original Speed 6 is owned by Bentley and will never be sold, this is your chance to fulfill the impossible dream.

The Mechanics

The engine is the MKVI 4 1/2 L engine restored to the highest standards and matches the chassis. To avoid a recurrent ignition problem in a classic car, we replaced the mechanical distributor with an electronic ignition.

Our brand new blower brings you the Le Mans feeling from the roaring twenties by adding more power and an incredible sound. Book your test drive and discover this golden combination that has been invented almost 100 years ago by Tim Birkin. Be one of the “Bentley Boys” and write history while driving many carefree miles.

Comfort first

The interior presents plenty details, all of them as practical as beautiful. A perfect example of the high comfort is the impressive soft top system which closes in one turn of arms or the ergonomical seats that make this Bentley Special the ultimate driving machine.

Tailormade details

This “vintage” & completely handmade and restored vehicle can be customized to your specifications and likings. Color, interior finishes, rally-adjustments,… You name it, we build it.

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