Ferrari 328 GTS

About this car

As a successor to the 308 GTB & GTS, the 328, launched in 1975, is still considered by some enthusiasts to be one of the most reliable and functional Ferraris; unlike other models, much of its maintenance can be performed without lowering the engine from the vehicle. Where, in addition, like this sample, the car is in excellent condition, thanks to perfect maintenance, Ferrari lovers will hardly be able to resist. This fantastic red lady stayed for 25 years in Florida before her arrival in Europe. The V8 mid 3.2L engine drove almost 67000 miles, the Belgian Car-Pass confirms this mileage.


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
Sports Car
Sand leather
3,2L (Tipo F105CB) - V8
€ 72.900 ex VAT (21%)

Blend of Colours

Lovers of the Italian make will confirm it for sure, a Ferrari 328 GTS must be red! 


This model is a relatively simple car keeping servicing costs down. 


The 328 uses a 3.2-litre development of the 3.0 four valves per cylinder V8 engine. In a car weighing only 1325kg that’s good for  0-100km/h in 5,5 seconds.

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