Fiat Dino Spider 2000

About this car

We are proud to present you a beloved Fiat model in a rarely seen beautiful condition.
Dino was the nickname of Enzo’s son Alfredo Ferrari. Together with Vittorio Jano he designed a neat aluminium V6 engine with 4 overhead camshafts. Unfortunately, he died at an early age in 1956… In remembrance Ferrari named all cars fitted with this small V6, “Dino”.
All Dino Spider 2.0L (V6 – 118 kW – 1987cc ) have VIN numbers between 0001 and 1158 and were all built  between 1967 and 1968. This one is 1009 and was built at the end of 1968 by Fiat in Rivalta (Italy). This sample was subject of a very complete restoration and comes with a large history file.


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
Coupe Sport Cabriolet
Black Leather
2,0L (1987cc) - V6

Rich History

The reason the Fiat Dino was ever built is because the FIA had drawn up new rules concerning F2 engines. They were required to have no more than six cylinders and to be derived from a production engine, from a road car homologated in the GT class and produced in at least 500 examples within 12 months. 
The small Ferrari manufacturer did not have the capacity to reach such quotas. That’s why an agreement was signed with Fiat and was made public in March 1965.

Restored Sample

This car was subject of a very complete restoration and comes with a large file containing pictures, invoices, history  …

Collector’s Item

 The low production number and the rich history coming with this model will charm more than one classic car lover for sure.

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