Lagonda LG45

About this car

This model was built by Lagonda, a British luxury car marque established in 1906 and which has been owned by Aston Martin since 1947. The LG45 was built in the period of Walter Owen Bentley’s presence in the company, he left Rolls-Royce in 1935 and joined Lagonda as Technical Director along with many of his racing department staff. Refinanced and restructured the new company wanted to capitalize on the significant victory at Le Mans. A Frank Feeley, designer of the company at that time, designed this flamboyant model.

A superb 4-seat Open Tourer powered with a 6 cylinder 4,5L engine re-engineered by W.O. Bentley. The redesign of the engine ensured performance and reliability improvement. Developing 120HP (4467cc) and featured with a 4-Speed manual gearbox, this pre war 4-seater was impressively sporty…

This sample was very well serviced and maintained, its technical and aesthetic condition are the best confirmation…


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
Open Tourer
Navy - Bordeaux
Black leather
4 1/2L (4467cc) 6 cylinder
€ 239.500


 It isn’t pristine, but very good, a perfect alliance between authenticity and technical very good maintenance…

Blend of Colors

Timeless, elegant and chic colour combination.

History File

This car comes with an interesting and impressive history file.

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