Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton

About this car

This model is nicknamed “Ponton” referring to the visually distinct fender line running back from the headlights down to the length of the car, like pontoons on a seaplane…

With this model, Mercedes Benz introduced innovations that fundamentally improved automotive safety for passengers through better crash protection. The Ponton is considered as the start of the Mercedes E-class range.

This sample is an extremely pretty version of this W180 II model featuring a 2.2 inline 6 cylinders engine (2195 cc) with twin-carburetors and a 4-speed manual transmission.The odometer shows 76100 km (Car-Pass).The car was new delivered in Europe and was subject of a first restoration process in 1998. In 2018 the car was again tackled in house & in collaboration with our partners for a thorough restoration.

Paint, trim, chrome, dashboard … all was done to the highest standards and respecting the initial color combination. The car is in excellent technical condition and doesn’t need any more work. The complete restoration process is illustrated with plenty of pictures that come with the car even as a FIVA Identity Card.

Ideal classic rally car for all car lovers who are looking for comfort and pleasure….


Year of Manufacturing
Type of Car
Luxury cabriolet
Anthrazit Grau metallic (MB Code 172)
Red leather
2,2L (2195cc) - 6 cylinders
€ 185.000

Pristine Condition

The car was subject of a restoration to the highest standard. All invoices and pictures of this process are available.


This cabriolet is a legend of Mercedes combining safety innovations, a powerful engine and the comfort of a luxury salon car.


The car was restored respecting the datacard.

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