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As the new year begins, we’re excited to share our stories and insights in this monthly issue of our Gentleman’s Journal. This month we’ll shine some light on the current situation on classic car regulations, low emission zones, heritage and financial side of things the  throughout Europe. We’re also announcing our exclusive Bentley Heritage Rally to Goodwood and showing our latest arrivals and partner news. 

In a vulnerable world full of doubts and precariousness, we’re always searching for certainties. If there’s one thing we have learnt, it’s that we shouldn’t blindly follow the media since this often brings more confusion than clarity. Instead, experts worldwide are sharing their insights more than ever. 

While recent studies show that the British classic car industry is good for almost €20 billion of revenue and an employment of over 100.000 people, France announced an extension of their low emission zones. Continue reading to find out more about the future of classic cars in our society.

It’s almost hard to imagine but big events like Retromobile, Techno Classica and the events at the Goodwood estate unite classic car enthousiasts worldwide with up to 200.000 visitors. Our passion for cars hasn’t faded. In contrary, the lack of events, car shows and social contact amongst enthousiasts makes us hungry for new chapters and adventures with our beloved classics.

Worldwide there are over 110 million classic cars and even more people passionate about them. We can’t disavow that the world around us is changing but we’re certain that our existence is guaranteed. As long as there’s passion, there will be classic cars, rallies, events and economic value. Especially for the kind of real heritage we are collecting and driving.

Old and new instead of old vs new

In the past, there have always been references to old versus new. People were keen to discover the steps we have taken towards modern day technology. Whereas nowadays, we notice a trend of embracing the heritage that made us who we are.

Matching both the Covid-19 topic as our view on the replenishment between old and new, we’re happy to announce that there is a covid-proof car show going on at our partner Bentley Antwerp. Discover their premium event 7 days a week and find the perfect match between classic cars, new cars and even some exclusive race cars. It feels great to share a passion, doesn’t it? 

Belrose goes Goodwood - Bentley Heritage Rally

6 days of rallying, the full Goodwood Revival experience, exclusive Bentley Motors factory visit, Brooklands Motor Circuit & museum, premium catering and five star hotels. A true Bentley enthousiast doesn’t need more to start dreaming about this bucket list experience, isn’t it? Get in touch for more info on this unforgettable rally from 14 to 19 september or 15 to 20 september 2021, depending on your departure group. Book here.

New arrivals for sale at Belrose Classics

Bentley S1
This two-tone Bentley S1 is a true gentleman’s driver. Get behind the wheel of this luxurious saloon and discover the grandeur of Great Britain during the booming fifties. 
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Bentley Special Blue Train
Few cars embody the glamour, speed and power of the pre-war Bentley era better than the ‘Blue Train’ Bentley Speed Six. In this car Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato raced and beat the famous Train Bleu…
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Partner News

This month’s partner news is dedicated to Hillewaere Verzekeringen. They are not only the insurance partner of many car collectors and drivers but also a loyal fan, client and partner of Belrose Classics. Hillewaere owner, Roel Druyts, is a passionate Bentley Special rally driver who is always up for an adventure. 

Enjoying your oldtimer without worries is key. To be sure that your precious possession and investment is well assured, offers inner peace and trust. That’s why we offer tailor made insurance policies, as exclusive as your car.

Based on the taxation value, without alarm requirements, and at competitive prices with  great terms & conditions. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your car even more intensely. 


Hillewaere Verzekeringen, your expert in ensuring your exclusive cars & oldtimers.  

See you at Belrose Classics

The only thing left in this mailing is to thank you for reading this month’s issue of our Gentleman’s Journal. If you’re feeling like seeing, feeling or even driving one of our Bentleys, feel free to get your appointment. Our showroom and workshop open and we’re ready to share our passion for Bentley Specials, from the magnificent Speed 6 Blower to the sturdy “Peking To Paris” or our elegant Justine.

As better days are around the corner, we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon at a rally or event. Make sure to bring your car in for maintenance and rally preparations because you’ll want to drive it all summer long if the measures allow it. 

See you at Belrose Classics!