Jaguar XK 120

About this car

Exceptional condition for this XK 120 new delivered in the USA in June 1952. After a long stay in the USA the car came to Europe. More specifically to the Netherlands were it had a thorough restoration process. 
The restoration is fully documented with pictures. No cost was spared to achieve the best result and to give the car some valuable upgrades.


Year of Manufacturing
3.822 miles
MANUAL 4-speed
Car Type
Fuel Type

Better than new

Thanks to the genius idea of a thickness reduction of the seat cushion, built of an adapted seat cove and replacement of the large steering wheel by a smaller one, the car is drivable by taller drivers…
The original 3,4L 6 cilinder engine was replaced by a more funny and powerful 220HP 3,8L engine linked to the original manual 4-gearbox. 

Perfection in detail

The placement of brand new disc brakes was preferred to the original drum brakes, which however will be delivered with the car. 
The nice purr of the well running engine comes out of a brand new stainless steel exhaust.
In 2014 the car came to Belgium. The Belgian owner, one of our careful customers replaced the generator by an alternator in 2020. All engine and gearbox seals were changed for new one’s to avoid any oil leak and, last but not least, the underside of the car was protected with a shielding plate.
This pretty English lady is ready for immediate use by its new owner.

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