Porsche 911 2.0

About this car

The 1965 Porsche 911 marked the beginning of a leap that would catapult Porsche into being one of the most successful and revered sports car manufacturers in the world. The Porsche 911 has proven to be one of the most long-lived sports cars of all time. Last but not least, the Porsche 911, built in 1965, is allowed to leave with the first cars at every rally. The car needs a thorough body restoration. The price takes into account this necessary restoration works.


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A benchmark

The level of innovation and development that came with the first 911 was remarkable, and instantly put Porsche at least a decade ahead of the competition. The 911 has continued to develop over the past years and has remained the flagship of Porsche. This 1965 911 presents an opportunity for someone that would like to experience where it all started with the 911 model. 

It’s all in the details

This unique example was developed by a passionate rally driver and beautifully converted to a racing model without regard to the costs. What you can’t see, but what really makes it more than exceptional, is its two 911 (100 liters in total) tanks welded together. This means that you can take a serious lead over the opponents during a rally! A smart move by this restorer! The handling was also worked very well by placing adjustable shock absorbers all around.

Racing spirit

At the bottom of the car, the previous owner placed protective plates to be able to go to the extreme. The two liter Duel engine Sport was prepared in the Netherlands and Weber carburettors were mounted. The gearbox is the full original 901/0 5-speed gearbox. In addition, the electricity was completely taken care of by Franky’s Race and Rally Service. The car comes with plenty of invoices confirming all mentioned works, which will be all handed over to the new lucky owner. 

If you want to experience the exuberance and joy of one of Porsche’s early 911 models, this prize beast is the one for you.

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