Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1500

About this car

It’s nearly summer with this lovely orange over a leatherette interior Karmann Ghia cabrio. The car is in superb condition and drives great. This car is the perfect model to enter the oldtimer world. All parts are also still easy to find and affordable.


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Perfectly restored

The car was subject of a full restoration proces at about ten years ago. The restoration was realised to the highest standards. The chassis has been beautifully restored, various floor parts were replaced during the restoration. A new rust protection layer was applied. The bodywork was restored and completely repainted. The paint has a nice shine and is homogeneous in color, the paintwork is of very good quality. The reveal sides between the different body panels run nicely parallel. The chrome work is in very nice condition. The glassware is in good condition, the windshield was replaced. The black canvas convertible roof has been renewed and is in perfect working condition. 

The mechanics

The engine compartment is in a very nice and restored condition. The engine is a replacement engine from a younger example, overhauled to correct specifications and in good condition. There are no serious leaks to be determined. The appurtenances are according to original specifications and are in good condition. The engine starts immediately and runs smoothly without noise. The clutch has been updated. The exhaust was renewed and is in good condition. The vehicle is equipped with a revised braking system according to original specifications with drum brakes at the rear and disc brakes at the front. 

Elegant & sporty

The lighting is according to original specifications and has been renewed. Everything works in the normal regulatory way. Dashboard instruments, accessories and electrical controls are according to original specifications. There is an additional oil temperature gauge. The car is equipped with a time period VW radio device, as well as a battery switch on the battery. The vehicle has a renewed interior and is in good condition. The seat covers and interior panels have been trimmed in light brown artificial leather. The dashboard is in black plastic with wood inlay in original condition. The vehicle is equipped with 2 (3-point) seat belts. This Karmann Ghia is in a very nicely restored condition. Karmann Ghia’s, and certainly the convertible versions, are popular old-timers because of their reliability (VW Beetle technology) that is combined with the elegance of a sportier line pattern. 

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